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Localize Xcode strings
with String Locals
Available on the Mac App Store
Easy localization
 with auto-aggregation of strings
Translating an Xcode project hasn't been an easy process — until now. String Locals aggregates all your Xcode strings automatically, by importing Xcode folders non-destructively. You select which languages to target, and the editor provides an easy interface for translation. String Locals exports your translations as .strings files, which are easily imported into Xcode for localization.
Colorful inspiration,
only a click away
Download for macOS 11+
 for macOS
Let yourself be inspired by randomized selections of five-color palettes.
Colors are individually exportable in both RGB and HEX, allowing you to rapidly and easily utilize your chosen palette in other applications.
Found a palette you liked, but you've already skipped past it? The revert feature lets you travel back to the previous randomized palette.