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Compositing memojis
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Measure. Compare. Record
 using your phone's built-in sensors
Your phone contains advanced sensors, but working with them can be a mess. Its accelerometer and gyroscope work together to measure orientation and motion, in various directions and within different spectrums of degrees.

That's hard to comprehend, so this Web App helps you visualize, compare, and record — using your phone's built-in sensors. The tool displays orientation and acceleration, and enables you to filter the results, by rounding, thresholding, or reducing noise.

In addition to displaying measurements, the Step Counter makes comparing orientation easy, and the Recorder enables you to measure acceleration when you can't look at your phone.
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A singular pixel.
Infinite opportunities
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 Pixel behaviors
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 Cursor and orientation
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 Networked behavior
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Clear streets, clear minds.
Biohazards belong in the bin
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 for iOS and AndroidOS
Capture images of hazardous materials, and raise awareness within your local community. SanITize utilizes geolocation to pinpoint biohazards on an interactive map. Users capture images and categorize hazards, which sync to our database. Awareness is raised by alerting users to nearby potential hazards.

This mobile application was built using React Native and Expo, which together enable rapid prototyping and cross-platform development, with a single interpreted codebase writen with JavaScript and styled with CSS.
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